These are reviews from actual clients of mine, that have hired me to guide them through the flats of Hilton Head Island with the fly rod in hand. They are from all different experience levels and their expectations of what they were looking for in their days on the skiff are very diverse. I appreciate and am thankful for every client that I spend the day with.

Captain Andrew Mahoney
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"If you want to catch Reds you absolutely need to give Andrew a call!"

"He is by far one of the best guides I’ve chartered in years. He knows the water better than I know the back of my hands and his knowledge of fly fishing is second to none! He made sure my first trip out with a fly rod was unforgettable. No matter how long of a trip you plan to take with Andrew he will without a doubt put you on the fish and give you multiple chances to land em on the fly! Thanks for showing a Texas boy how it’s done in South Carolina!"

Nic D,  Texas 

"I have hired many a guide, ranging from the indifferent to the occasionally inebriated to the outstanding. Drew clearly belongs to the outstanding category. He is a very willing and patient teacher and put up with my flailing attempts with the fly rod. I marveled at his ability to read the water and put me onto fish. I was able to bag some very nice bull reds thanks to his adept instructions. I would recommend Drew without reservation"

Timothy Wu, Massachusetts

"Fished two days with Andrew in October. It was my first opportunity to go after reds on the fly and thanks to him I immediately fell in love. He got me multiple shots and a few good fish my first day and kept me in the fish the second with a bunch of fish landed. He helped me a lot with my casting stroke and was very patient as I was learning to cast to these fish. If he'd only have shared his egg salad sandwich with me it would have been a perfect 2 days on the water."

"Thanks for going above and beyond and I look forward to fishing with him again"

Steve Burch (elchupacabre)
Valdosta, Georgia

"Fly Fishing on Hilton Head -- Better Call Drew!!"

"Whether stalking reds with a fly rod in the shallows around the oyster beds in the intercoastal or making a 60-mile offshore run to fish live bottoms for big jacks & snappers --- Capt. Drew’s engaging laid-back personality, mastery of the local waters & fishery, extensive knowledge of the broader low country ecology, and his ability to consistently get on the fish have made each of my outings with him an outstanding experience."

"His passion for being on the water and fly fishing in particular is both obvious and addictive. In the 2+ years I’ve fished w Drew we’ve caught a lot (and missed a few) of fish. He has helped improve the technical elements of my casting stroke and my ability to place the fly in the right spot - irresistibly in front of a redfish. Equally important, Drew has helped me gain a true appreciate for just how special the waters and fisheries of Hilton Head and the low country are." 

" For a fly fishing experience that goes well beyond catching Hilton Head reds on an 8 wt -- better call Drew!! "

Bob H

Fly fishing for Reds

"I am a long-time fly fisherman and have fished with many guides over the years. Like any profession, some guides were good…some not so good. When I decided to spend some time on Hilton Head Island, I started to search out a local guide who knew the waters. Fortunately for me, I found Capt. Andrew Mahoney. I have since fished several times with Capt. Drew. Not only has he put me on fish every time, but each time was a great experience and great fun. From fishing the low tides around the oyster bars to fishing the high tides for tailing reds in the grass, he works hard and is always helpful and easy going . We have even done some deep hole shrimping together. He is not only a great fishing guide, but gives you great insight into the whole ecosystem in the low country. Equally as important, he is an easy and fun guy to spend the day with out on the water. I always look forward to spending time on Hilton Head Island and fishing with Capt. Drew. He is at the top of my list of fly fishing guides, and he should be on yours as well."

Jim Hider
Cape Coral, Fl.

"Captain Mahoney is an awesome fly fishing guide and lots of fun to fish with. He knows his stuff and was able to put me on fish even during Tropical Storm Joachim! I recommend him highly!"

Braden Flemming
Providence, Rhode Island
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