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Captain Andrew Mahoney is a full-time fishing guide, raised on the south end of Hilton Head Island. He spends his days sharing his lifetime of local knowledge while guiding guests to world class fishing in the Lowcountry. Over the years the Lowcountry marsh has become his home and his passion, not only flyfishing for trophies, but being knowledgeable about the entire ecology of the marsh.  His laid back easy going attitude relieves much of the tension surrounded with sight casting to a school of 50 to 100 plus redfish, which is very important when hiring a flats guide.  He has dedicated his career to finding the best times and locations to sight cast to hungry fish and is committed to showing you Hilton Head the way Mother Nature intended it. 


Be poled across beautiful Lowcountry flats in HHI on the Fly’s Mitzi Skiff.  The Mitzi Skiff is one of the shallowest drafting skiffs on the market.  Often redfish seem to love pushing the limits between water and land, making most sight casting opportunities happen in mere inches of water.  Frequenting the flats more than any microskiff on the Island, HHI on the Fly's Mitzi Skiff’s shallow draft and light weight will allow you to get closer to fish than you’ve ever been before... Now it's up to you!


  • -Temple Fork Outfitters 7 and 8 weight ticrx Rod
  • Sage 3800 CF Reel
  • -Sage Method 8 weight Rod
  • Sage 4580 Reel
  • -TFO 9 and 10 weight signature series rod

Sage 3510 CF Reel 

-Spinning Rods and Reels by Shimano


Wear your shade
The boat is a skiff, in order to be as comfortable as possible on the boat we suggest bringing a hat that covers your ears and neck. Polarized sunglasses can be the determining factor in you catching a fish of a lifetime. Copper lens is best for the color of our water.

Bring drinks or any kind of snack you may want .  A cooler full of ice will be aboard the boat to keep them cold.

UV rays come from two different angles when on the water. Enjoy the rest of your time in the Low Country, and don’t spend it scorched by the sun.

Weather Concerns...                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As a fellow angler who understands the hardships of dealing with tough weather conditions and the disappointment of canceling, as long as safety is not a concern we will do our best to make sure you get your day of fishing in.  Many borderline weather days, where wind or clouds could be a factor and scare off other less experienced guides, will end up to be some of the best days of fishing I can remember.  

With that said, occasionally while attempting to fish the flats on some of the tough weather days where shots with the fly rod are not happening we will either try spinning gear if the guests for the day would like or call it a day and a boat ride and try to reschedule with no charge to the client. Usually these decisions are made in the first hour or so of the trip (as life in the flats of Hilton Head has taught me when it just isn't looking good) 

 As a professional guide I feel it is important for all of the cards to be on the table and at no time a guest is not getting what he or she thinks they deserve.    

Bringing Children...                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In my years as a guide I have found one of the most rewarding opportunities I get is to fish with kids.  They are the future of fishing, preservation, and our world.  As a parent be reminded that fishing the flats is for an experienced angler or someone that is interested in learning to fish the flats and often times children will enjoy a less challenging technique to catching fish.  

We have tons of inshore species that we fish for with live bait and spinning rods that is more conducive to fishing with our future anglers.  Please keep an open mind while booking a trip with your child as they are the important ones, and showing them a great time on the water is what is going to get them hooked.  

We totally understand that kids will be kids but please be in control of your child on the skiff as it is the parent's responsibility.    

New to the flats or fly fishing...                                                                                                                                                                                                       We pride ourselves as guides on Hilton Head Island to be absolutely 100% service oriented.  We are very patient with new anglers attempting to learn something as special as fly fishing the saltwater flats.  

Yes it is hard, most anglers won't be very good after their very first trip in the flats, but creating relationships, teaching and being patient are our top priorities in these situations.  Don't be upset if you don't make it happen, many many new comers to the Lowcountry don't make it happen the first time they pick up a fly rod.  

Be a sponge, and learn as much as possible while on the skiff and soon you will have techniques to practice on your own and in turn become a better angler.   


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