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October in Hilton Head Island

Andrew Mahoney - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October in Hilton Head Island means cooler temperatures, oyster roasts and inshore fishing is hot.  Tons of trout, redfish and flounder patrol the skinny water looking for an easy meal.  Big schools of baitfish swarm the flats jumping and popping amongst the oyster beds and grass lines.  When all of this commotion is happening it is very valuable to be able to determine the difference between our targeted species and the larger mullet swimming in the shallows.  Often times pushes from large mullet will have a much narrower "v" shape leading the wake and the redfish "v" will be much broader and move more water.  Misreading the water and casting often around the reds but not in front of them will often shut them down.  Be patient and your shots will come.  

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