Fly fishing in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Andrew Mahoney - Saturday, August 25, 2012
Fishing for redfish in the flats of Hilton Head is in full swing. The last few weeks I've been splitting my time between trips for lowtide schools and trips for high tide tailers. I've seen just about every client in the last two weeks hearts nearly beat out of their chests as they try to cast in the path of fish in inches of water. Very little has needed to be said to the experienced fisherman as the sight casting has been incredible, and working with the, "new to the flats" fisherman has been extremely rewarding. All saying, after they see their first bite, "that was awesome", and I can only agree. Many shots at tailing redfish have been over white sand, sticking out like a soar thumb with no real concern in their surroundings, only their to eat whatever swims within a couple feet of them, and every bite over the white sand is better than the last. Some great tides are happening and will continue to happen over the next couple of months and I can't wait to be poling the skiff in some amazing conditions.
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