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Andrew Mahoney - Friday, March 11, 2016

Fly fishing in Hilton Head in the spring months can often be very challenging.  The combination of high afternoon winds, muddy water and extreme tides can leave most skiffs poling the flats of Hilton Head, frustrated and confused.   But, if you play your cards right and use your head, spring time can grant you some of the best fly fishing days the year will give you.  

Working as a team is never more detrimental then at this time of the year.  Listening to each other and staying positive, when the elements are against you will grind you through some of those tough days.  Use your eyes and look hard into the water; I tell all of our anglers, "if your head doesn't hurt by the end of today, then you didn't catch any."   Fly fishing in Hilton Head flats in the spring is not your normal flats scenario.  Telling you to cast 50 feet at 11 o'clock and you making that cast, without seeing the fish is not an effective technique at this time of the year.  Learn how to see the fish so you can follow them and know where to cast.  If you make a perfect cast and they don't eat it, don't be whiney or negative, pick the fly up and do it again. If you keep a cool head and present the fly to the fish multiple times, they are going to eat it, even if they don't want to.  

One thing that I started doing a few years ago on the negative tides, is wading the the low tide flats with my guests.  It takes a lifetime of knowledge to be safe while doing the low tide shuffle.  To the inexperienced anglers without the helping hand of a local guide it is very dangerous. With sharp razor blade oysters, sting rays, pluff mud and fast moving tides that are lots of elements to consider when walking through our mud flats.  Currently the only guided wading trip that you can book in South Carolina in the mud flats is with HHI on the Fly, mainly because of our local knowledge and extreme attention to safety.  It has become my favorite trip to guide, and is a very spiritual experience walking in the low country marsh, and catching Hilton Head redfish on the fly.  

Next time your looking to experience the best fly fishing in Hilton Head please feel free to contact Captain Andrew.

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